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Through this website you can purchase Agnes Pollock prints. The prints will be shipped to you directly by a professional printer (normally within three days) and each print will include a small Certificate of Authenticity, stating the name and year of the original artwork and the edition of the print. 

To commission or enquire about original oil paintings please email or send a DM @agnespollockart. Agnes also offers bespoke mounting and framing services which include hand signed prints, double gilded mounts and bespoke Farrow & Ball painted frames. 

See below for the price lists:

Online printshop

Prices are in inches. See size conversion below 

Print size                           5x5       5x7        8x8          A4         12x12      12x16        16x16     

Mount size                        8x8        A4


Unmounted                       £10       £12       £14         £18          £20          £24            £28                        

Mounted                            £20       £24    


Free Shipping for UK orders over £50

Free Shipping for International orders over £100

Bespoke mounting & framing service*


Print size                           5x5        5x5        5x7         A4         12x12    

Mount size                        8x8       10x10    10x12    12x16       16x16


Mounted & signed          £25        £30         £35         £40          £45

Double mount gilded    +£10      +£10       +£10                    

Square spoon frame     +£70      +£75       +£80      

Chunky spoon frame     +£75      +£80       +£85

*larger prints can also be mounted and framed but for collection / local delivery only

Size conversion

5 inch = 12,5 cm        12 inch = 30 cm

7 inch = 17,5 cm        16 inch = 40 cm

8 inch = 20 cm           20 inch = 50 cm

A4       = 29 x 21 cm

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