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I was born in Holland, in 1973.  I read Philosophy at Amsterdam University, specialising in Eastern Philosophy. During and after my University years I dedicated a lot of time to studying Fine art and taking art classes. But only after moving to Bath with my family in 2013, was I able to start painting full time. I had my first exhibition at Verve, London Rd, Bath in 2016 and have had many exhibitions since, both in the UK (including Affordable Art Fair and Fresh Art Fair) and in the Netherlands.

I am primarily a still-life painter and a painter of light. I love to capture the subtle way in which a simple object holds and reflects light. I am influenced both by the exquisite, revealing light of early Dutch paintings and by the simple beauty found in Japanese ceramics and art. Besides still-life, I also love painting abstracts and portraits. In all my work light is the most important theme. You might recognise my Dutch roots, through the delicate interplay of light, shadows and reflections. I taught myself techniques used by the Dutch Masters, to enhance luminosity and depth of colour.


My compositions are bold, but my colours tend to be subtle, soft and muted. The results are contemporary, contemplative and quiet.

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